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when something you like has an incredibly embarrassing fandom


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there we go. I did a nordics gachapon and got 2 extra finlands so yeah i’m giving them away. also speaking of extras i also have an extra prussia bromide card so there will be 2 winners, and the first prize winner (aka the first number i get in the number generator) gets the prussia bromide.

  1. wow frankly i don’t care just reblog away i just ask that you don’t clog other people’s dashboards because this isn’t a very special giveaway or anything i mean you’re getting toy and a card so it’s probably not going to end up with lots of notes so
  2. likes count too
  3. ends 10 feb 2014 there’s a reason for this i swear i didn’t just pick a random date (there is no reason this is a random date)
  4. finland trading mascot ; 4cm
    prussia bromide ; approx. 9x13cm
  5. i ship internationally and you’re going to have to be comfortable w/ giving me your address unless you’re living in japan then wow why do you need to join this giveaway the nordics gachapon’s probably available at your nearest animate store
  6. there u go

any qs regarding this giveaway just msg me

(via pruauss)